Why The Pentagon Is Funding Apple
By Chris Worthington | September 02, 2015 |

On Friday, the Pentagon announced it will fund a new project to develop flexible, wearable sensor...

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Inside The Market: Don't Bet On A Bottom In Stocks Just Yet
By John Kosar | September 02, 2015 |
We are likely to see lower lows in the next month or so before the market turns back up.
The Best Way To Trade Oil Right Now
By Jeff Clark | September 02, 2015 |
After the recent short-term bounce for oil, it's important not to get too greedy. Here's why smart investors are taking profits now.
Profit From The Market's 4th Most Hated Stock
By Joseph Hogue | September 02, 2015 |
Only three other stocks in the S&P 500 are more heavily shorted than this one. But when sentiment turns, savvy investors could make a quick profit.
4 Signs We're Entering A Bear Market
By David Zeiler | September 02, 2015 |
All the recent market volatility has most investors guessing, but these four signs explain why it's extremely likely that we are entering a bear market.
The Group Of Commodity Stocks That's Ready To Break Out
By Matt Badiali | August 31, 2015 |
This chart shows why this group of stocks is showing signs of a price rally in the near future.
Use The Selloff To Buy One Of The World's Best Companies At A Discount
By Chris Walczak | August 31, 2015 |
Past concerns have erased billions in market value, but the high-quality nature of this business model promises years of gains to come.
5 Reasons To Short Twitter
By Louis Basenese | August 31, 2015 |
Don't mistake Twitter's price drop for a bargain after last week's events. The tech giant could continue to rapidly fall in the coming weeks.
The Perfect Firm To Own During A Pullback
By Tim Begany | August 31, 2015 |
During last week's correction, this stock proved its defensive merit by weathering a sharp market pullback that took no prisoners. 
Warning: 2 ETFs To Dump Immediately
By Tim Begany | August 31, 2015 |
These ETFs' unconventional approaches have attracted tons of capital, but neither fund is accomplishing its mission. Details here.
How To Profit From The Credit Cycle
By Martin Hutchinson | August 27, 2015 |
Savvy investors should vary the mix of assets, allowing the credit cycle to determine their allocations. Here's where they are investing at this point in the cycle...