The Best Strategy for Generating Reliable Income in a High-Risk Market
By | September 13, 2019 |

While we typically recommend using shorter-term options with a covered call strategy, that's not always...

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This Powerful Tool Can Give You Instant Diversification
By Genia Turanova | August 20, 2019 |

Originally created to give investors broad exposure to the market, they now offer easy access to almost any corner of the market, no matter how narrow or obscure. Learn more...

8 Stocks With Unbelievable Dividend Growth
By Nathan Slaughter | August 19, 2019 |

The immediate gratification of a higher current yield can be tempting, but it pays to think ahead. Here's how sustained dividend growth of 10% or better can ultimately put far more cash in your pocket over the long haul...

Naked Options: Is the Reward Worth the Risk?
By | August 16, 2019 |

The odds may be in the option writer's favor, but a single bad trade could see the profits from thousands of small trades lost in minutes. Here's what you need to know...

4 Defense Sector Stocks Offering Safety And Growth
By Genia Turanova | August 15, 2019 |

While Aerospace and Defense stocks might not be immune from the market's volatility, these companies are less dependent on macro factors. Here are four favorites...

Is This 9% Yield Worth The Risk?
By Nathan Slaughter | August 15, 2019 |

Whenever you see a yield this high, it's usually for a reason (the stock price has been crushed). But here's why there could be triple-digit upside (plus income) in store for investors willing to take on the risk...

Why The "Average" Investor Is So Bad At Investing
By Jimmy Butts | August 13, 2019 |

If you want to be significantly better than the "average" investor, then stop doing what the average investor does...

How To Collect Payouts Large Enough To Change Your Life
By Nathan Slaughter | August 11, 2019 |

The secret to powerful wealth creation isn’t really a secret at all. It just takes two things: time, and the magic of compound interest...

The Most Useful Timing Tool You've Never Heard Of
By | August 09, 2019 |

Before computers, great investors noticed patterns on charts. Now, with the help of computers, we can see what really works.

A Simple Formula For Methodical Wealth Creation
By Nathan Slaughter | August 06, 2019 |

What's better than a steady paycheck? One that grows with each passing quarter. Multiply the effect across a portfolio of holdings, and you're well on your way to financial independence.

This Chart Pattern May Be Old, But It Still Works...
By | August 05, 2019 |

Traders use a number of indicators, but most don't work. But we regularly use this proven indicator in Income Trader when searching for the best options to sell each week.