Our Mission: To help small investors profit in the stock market. We aim to do this by giving away free, unrestricted access to the insights and recommendations of some of today’s top stock analysts.

Here at TopStockAnalysts.com, we do things a little different.

For one, we’re actually looking out for you.

We realize this may sound strange, especially in today’s day and age when it seems like many investment research companies out there have hidden agendas and aren’t entirely honest or transparent with their so-called “recommendations.”

But as you’ll see in a moment, our sole purpose is to track down high-quality investment ideas that you can take action on and profit from.

What’s more, is we do this for free. Each and every day we make our findings available to the public at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

To help you get a better understanding of how this all works, please take a moment and review the FAQs we’ve put together below…

Frequently Asked Questions about TopStockAnalysts


Sample issue

Q: I’m an individual investor — how can you help me?

A: We have two main services. One of them is a website, located at TopStockAnalysts.com. The other is a daily newsletter, called the TopStockAnalysts Digest. Both of these services are 100% free… and they both give you timely, well-researched recommendations on which investments we think you should consider owning today — and which ones you should consider avoiding all together.

Some of these ideas are our own… but the majority come from investment analysts from other well-established research firms. We realize it sounds odd to feature the ideas of other analysts on our website and in our daily newsletter… but in the end – no matter who does the research — we’re looking for the single best investments for the current market environment.

Q: What specific investments do you recommend?

A: That depends entirely on the current market environment. For any given point in time we may recommend going long on an index of gold mining stocks or we may suggest going short on a Chinese “reverse merger” stock. We may recommend a growth stock, a value stock or an income stock. It depends on the market. We may recommend a commodity fund, a municipal bond fund, or a country fund. Again, it depends on the market.

We could go on and on, but perhaps the best way to give you a sense of our work is to just show you some past examples. Each of the following titles were the headlines of articles that appeared on our website and in the TopStockAnalysts Digest

3 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy Right Now

The Safest Dividend in the S&P 500

Warning: Sell These 5 Popular Stocks Now

9 Stocks That Have Consistently Raised Dividends for 25 Years or More

How to Own a Stake in Gold for Only $159/oz

The Best Oil Stock Money Can Buy

Keep in mind, these are PAST examples… and may no longer be appropriate for today’s environment. To get our most current recommendations, either visit our homepage at TopStockAnalysts.com or sign up for a free subscription to the TopStockAnalysts Digest.

Q: What will I get when I sign up for your services?

A: As a free subscriber, you’ll receive three specific benefits…

Benefit #1: Free subscription to the TopStockAnalysts Digest newsletter
Each day we’ll tell you about some of today’s most promising investment opportunities in our free newsletter, the TopStockAnalysts Digest. We already gave you some examples above, but here are a few more…
Bill Gates Just Bought $571 Million of This Stock
The Only Gold You Should Buy Today

The Next Dividend Growth Stock

The Safest Investment on Earth

Forget Treasuries, Buy This 12% Yield Instead

Two Widely-Held Stocks You Must Sell Today

Benefit #2: Free access to TopStockAnalysts.com
Whether you’re an income investor looking for today’s safest, highest yields… a value investor looking for today’s deepest discounts… a trader looking for today’s best short-term profit opportunities… or a growth investor looking for today’s fastest-growing stocks… you can rest assured that you will find the information you’re looking for here at TopStockAnalysts.com.
Browse through today’s articles or check out our full list of archives… hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment research is literally at your fingers tips and is available to you whenever you need it at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

Benefit #3: Huge discounts on the nation’s best investment newsletters

From time to time we’ll offer you discounts of up to 90% off some of today’s leading investment newsletters. These newsletters feature investment opportunities that you’re probably not going to hear about anywhere else — including on TopStockAnalysts.com.
Here are a few examples of what we’re talking about…
The 10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever

The One Stock to Buy BEFORE President Obama’s Emergency Briefing

How to Profit from the “End of America”

The 8.2% Bank Account

Because of their exclusivity… and because of the amount of money that the research companies spend to find these ideas… they’re ONLY available through a paid subscription. As a reminder, at TopStockAnalysts.com we do NOT sell any of our own products — our website and Digest newsletter are 100% free. However, we recognize that many of our subscribers are interested in learning more about these special investment opportunities that we are simply not allowed to republish. Therefore, from time to time, we’ll tell you about these opportunities — and even help you receive discounts of up to 90% off the masthead price.

Q: How many people subscribe to the TopStockAnalysts Digest? And where are they from?

A: According to a Google Analytics report we pulled for August 2011, we had over 200,000 visitors to our website that month from 140 different countries and territories around the world. The same report indicates that the majority of our readers reside in the United States and Canada.

Q: Does someone pay you to promote the recommendations in the articles on TopStockAnalysts.com and in the TopStockAnalysts Digest?

A: No. Unlike some financial firms, we have no business relationship or “side deals” with the companies profiled in our articles. We’re a 100% unbiased source of information for investors. Since starting TopStockAnalysts in 2006, our only obligation has been — and will remain – to you, our reader.

Q: Why do you need my email address?

A: All of our content is delivered online. If we ran a print publication we would have to charge you for a subscription. And by keeping everything online and by delivering our newsletter by email, not only are we able to offer you our services 100% free of charge, but we’re also able to deliver our ideas to you in a more timely manner.

Q: Will I be spammed?

A: No. Our email business practices are in compliance with strict international sending policies. If you ever have a complaint about an email you receive from us — or if you are having trouble opting-out of services — please let us know.

Q: Where are we located?

A: We share our offices with our parent company, StreetAuthority, LLC… so we’re located in Austin, Texas and Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Here’s a picture of our headquarters in Austin.


Q: Who are we?

A: Our team is made up of about one dozen investment researchers, editors, and support staff. While we come from all over the world, the majority of us work out of our headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Q: Are you registered financial advisors?

A: No. TopStockAnalysts and its parent company, StreetAuthority, LLC, are publishers of financial news and opinions and NOT securities brokers/dealers or investment advisors.

StreetAuthority has been in business for over a decade. We have offices in Maryland and Texas, and we employe dozens of experts across the U.S. and Canada.

Our research has appeared in places like Nasdaq, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, AOL, and many other well-known financial media outlets… and over 1.5 million investors receive our research each and every month.

Q: How can I get in touch with you?

A: If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about our service, we’d love to hear them. The easiest way to reach is to just fill out our “Contact Us” form.

You can also call one of our Customer Service representatives at our Gaithersburg location by dialing (301) 216-2005. They’re available Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm EST.

Alternatively, you can just mail us a letter at either of the following addresses:


4601 Spicewood Springs Rd.

Building 3, Suite 100

Austin, TX 78759

(301) 216-2005


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Suite K

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