This New Trading System Changes EVERYTHING...
By Zach Scheidt | June 11, 2018 |

Alan Knuckman is the man of the week.

Later today at 1pm Eastern Time, Alan will be unveiling the secret to why stocks go vertical.

I’m talking about stock charts that go “straight up” vertical… All because of fast-money strategies that most everyday folks have no idea even exist.

And although I’m more of a “buy and hold” investor myself, I definitely see the usefulness of this strategy to people like you.

After all, the average retirement savings for families aged 56 to 61 is just $163,577. That’s far less than the $1 million that many experts recommend. And while Social Security can supplement existing retirement savings, the average monthly retirement benefit of $1,329 may not be enough to fill the gap.1

So keep your eyes peeled today at 1pm! You’ll receive an email from my publisher, Matt Insley. You won’t want to miss this!

In the meantime, I called up Alan over the weekend to get more details on his new trading strategy. Can this strategy really help my readers?

My Exclusive Interview With Former Floor Trader, Alan Knuckman

Zach Scheidt: Hey, Alan. Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to speak with me about your new system. I know you’re a busy man nowadays but I’m excited to get the inside scoop.

Alan Knuckman: Thanks for reaching out, Zach. It’s about time everyday folks got a chance to hear about this. After all, Wall Street traders have been using this strategy to bank reliable profits for decades!

Zach: So let’s get to it. Alan, what’s the secret to how you consistently find stocks that are on the verge of a vertical move?

Alan: A hard hitting question right off the bat — I like it! So here’s what I told Matt (our publisher) the other day…

To start a long-lasting fire you need three things — dry wood, flammable liquid and a burning match. If you’re missing just one of those, you won’t have a long-lasting fire.

It’s the same with these vertical moves. For a stock to move straight up, like Matt’s UA position did, you need a hated company, a shortage of sellers and a near-term catalyst.

If you don’t have all three, the odds of a vertical move fall dramatically.

Zach: So your system identifies stocks with these characteristics before they go vertical, correct?

Alan: That’s right. And that’s why I’m urging readers of all income levels to tune into my event today at 1pm. Because that’s when I’ll be revealing it all.

Really this is a culmination of my decades of trading experience. For years I’ve done VERY well in the markets. And for the most part, these strategies that I’ve recently shared with readers have also done fantastic!

But what I’ll share at 1pm is altogether different. It’s a way to turn “hated” companies into BIG market moves. Really this is a professional way of thinking. It’s going to be groundbreaking.

Zach: Great, I’ll be sure to let my readers know. Now let’s take a step back and talk about the broader market. Do the characteristics of today’s stock market set up well for your strategy?

Alan: Today is an ideal time to use this strategy, Zach. Let me explain.

It all comes back to psychology. Obviously supply and demand fundamentals determine market prices. But what determines whether or not a Wall Street trader or an individual investor saving for retirement wants to sell their stock?

The answer is psychology. My dad, by the way, is a psychologist. So I guess you can say I’m highly qualified to talk about this!

Zach: I completely agree, Alan. That’s actually a topic I’ve touched on with my readers before. These short-term dips are excellent buying opportunities for investors looking to take long-term positions. In the past I’ve recommended holding cash to take advantage of these occurrences, but now I might even recommend that they should follow your strategy instead.

Alan: And remember, this strategy is available to all income groups. No worries if some investors don’t have thousands of dollars available to buy a large lot of dividend paying stocks in order to collect a 2-5% dividend.

The majority of the vertical candidates I’m seeing today can be purchased in full for less than $500 — and the upside is massive!

That’s why I’m so excited to share the news at 1pm.

As you know, it’s all about risk and reward. And simply put, I think my new strategy knocks this metric out of the park.

From what I hear on the street, every day folks are always interested in ways to hunt down HUGE market moves.

And the ability to do that on a shoestring budget can really help people get caught up in their retirement accounts.

But there’s one big problem. And I hope your readers will understand this…

The key to this system is to have an open mind — just like the pros do. Because like I said before, these big moves happen in out-of-favor stocks. I’m talking about names like AK Steel, Twitter, Under Armour, Etsy, Hewlett Packard, Walgreens, Bank of America, CSX and more!

My point is simple. Most market watchers overlook these companies, because at times the market has written them off.

But that’s a big mistake.

This is a powerful, professional strategy. I truly believe THIS is the key fundamental behind life-changing gains. And I’ll reveal the “secret” to my strategy at 1pm. You won’t want to miss this.

Zach: Absolutely, risk and reward is key. Alan, thanks for talking with me today. I look forward to seeing the full details of your strategy at 1pm.

Alan: No problem, Zach. Great talking to you.

All kidding aside, in today’s market there is an endless supply of news stories that send investors on an emotional rollercoaster of sorts. One day everyone is terrified of inflation, North Korea or a trade war and the next day they’re buying stocks hand over fist because yesterday’s news is now deemed to be overblown.

Investors today are more short-sighted than ever. Then throw on top that the bull market is raging on with no stopping in sight, and today’s market really does set up perfectly for this strategy.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Reckoning.