You’ll Never Have To Worry About Retirement Again...
By Genia Turanova | November 01, 2017 |

If you're worried about retirement, you're not alone. 

A survey by Allianz found that 63% of all respondents feared outliving their retirement savings more than they feared death.

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Think about that for a moment. 

In a way, it's understandable. Retirement accounts got hit hard by market events like the dot-com bust, the housing meltdown and the subsequent financial crisis. For the average investor, these are tough -- even painful -- occurrences, completely out of your control, that had devastating effects on portfolios. 

With this in mind, I wouldn't blame some people if they stopped investing entirely. After all, it's your life savings that are at risk.

But at the same time, savings accounts and certificates of deposit aren't even beating inflation. They're just not the right tools with which to build a healthy retirement.

That's why last year I took over the reins of my premium income investing newsletter, The Daily Paycheck

For those who aren't familiar, this newsletter is home to the most powerful income-producing portfolio I've ever seen. The strategy behind it -- which is incredibly simple -- is practically the perfect retirement plan. 

It was designed specifically for those in or approaching retirement, and it has three main goals in mind:

1) To maximize income, 2) maximize growth, and 3) minimize risk... all while collecting an average of one or more dividend "paychecks" per day.

The system we designed is NOT complicated. At its core, the strategy is all about finding strong dividend payers and letting them pay you year after year.

In the span of about seven years, our portfolio has collected thousands of dividend paychecks totaling more than $113,000 dollars using this strategy.

But our success with dividend investing is no fluke. When you look at the data, it's obvious that dividend payers are perhaps the single best place to put your money.

According to Standard & Poor's, since 1926 nearly half of the market's total return has come from dividends. That's right -- if you ignore dividends, you risk giving up nearly half of the market's returns.

You'd also be ignoring some of the market's best performers. Ned Davis Research found that from 1972 through March 2014, dividend paying stocks in the S&P 500 returned 9.3% annually, far exceeding the 2.4% annual return for S&P stocks that didn't pay a dividend.

Put simply, investing in dividend payers is a proven long-term strategy. But with The Daily Paycheck, we've taken that idea one step further.

The critical discovery we've made is that, by using the right combination of dividend stocks, it's possible to create a retirement portfolio that achieves our three original goals all while paying you multiple dividends every month.

That's why we call it the Dividend Trifecta.

As I mentioned earlier, we've used the strategy to collect more than $113,000 over the past few years -- and those numbers climb by the day.

And between the capital appreciation and reinvested dividends, our model portfolio -- which started at $200,000 -- is now worth more than $360,000. That's a 80.7% gain.

One of the best parts about this strategy is that it works for investors of all walks of life -- whether you have $1,000 to invest or $1,000,000, or more. The thousands of folks we've already shown this to are enjoying similar results.

In fact, my team and I have done a ton of research on the impact of using this Dividend Trifecta strategy. Here are a few success stories we've heard from investors:

-- Annie S. from Nevada said that she covers most of her monthly expenses with the "$2,194 a month" that she earns from this method.

-- Gordon P. from California told me he averages "$1,100 a month."

-- And Curtis S. from Washington wrote that he collects "about $4,200 per month." After padding his investment account, he said he spends the rest on home improvements, precious metals, and helping out his children.

These people aren't members of the richest 1%. They're regular folks. But they've figured out that anyone can use the Dividend Trifecta strategy to earn a growing income stream to help pay their monthly bills, fund retirement, or simply increase their wealth.

We love hearing their stories. After all, providing a better retirement option was the primary reason The Daily Paycheck newsletter was created in the first place.

So with these stories as inspiration, I -- along with my publisher -- decided to get the message out to more people. That's why we created a special presentation that reveals exactly how the Dividend Trifecta works. You can check it out here.

Aside from having the opportunity to join us for a risk-free trial of The Daily Paycheck, you'll gain tons of insight into just how effective dividends can be in your retirement -- especially when you choose the right securities. We cover the three types of dividend payers you want to own in your portfolio, and how compounding your gains through dividend reinvestment can be the key ingredient to powering your portfolio to levels you never thought possible. 

Even if you choose not to join my newsletter, I urge every single one of you to check out this report. It's the culmination of everything we believe income investors need to know in order to achieve success in the market. You can access the report here. It just might be the most important thing you read all year.

This article originally appeared on StreetAuthority.