Investing Basics

The Free Market Levels The Playing Field
By Jacob Hornberger | November 09, 2017 |

The free market does a fine job redistributing wealth all by itself, and entirely voluntarily.

How To Use The Market's Momentum To Capture Incredible Gains
By Jimmy Butts | November 08, 2017 |

This is one of the most important concepts too few investors know about or use themselves.

Stop Canada's War On 'Passive' Investment
By Lee Friday | November 07, 2017 |

While an unhampered market remains elusive in both countries, government policies are more anti-business in Canada than in the United States

Financial Insurance You Can Wear On Your Wrist
By Nilus Mattive | November 07, 2017 |

What a $17.8 million watch can teach you about inflation and investing.

Will Americans Die Young Enough To Save Pension Plans?
By Doug French | November 06, 2017 |

The good news for pension funds is that Americans are retiring later and dying sooner.

Buffett's Indicator Is Calling Tops
By Jody Chudley | November 03, 2017 |

The indicator that Warren Buffett uses to gauge whether the S&P 500 is expensive is trying very hard to tell you something.

The Swamp Wins: Trump Expected To Nominate Powell To Replace Yellen
By Tho Bishop | November 03, 2017 |

Now we will see how else Trump squanders his historic opportunity to rearrange the Fed.

Tax Cuts For 'The Rich' Are Taxing Everybody
By Gary Galles | November 02, 2017 |

Critics of Trump's tax proposals fail to see the positive, long-term effects such a policy could have.

You’ll Never Have To Worry About Retirement Again...
By Genia Turanova | November 01, 2017 |

If you're worried about having enough income for your retirement, then you need to know just how powerful an income-producing portfolio can be when it's done right.

3 Smart Year-End Tax Moves To Make Before 2018
By Matthew Frankel | October 31, 2017 |

Here are some ways to reduce your taxes in the final months of the year.