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Latest Headlines:  Wednesday, January 5th

These "Disturbing" Market Signals Spell Danger for U.S. Stocks
Strong case for why you should NOT be buying stocks right now...

Start the Year Off Right With Our Top Ten Stocks of 2011 [advertisement]
Using the same principles that helped trounce the S&P 500 for seven years, one of our top investing gurus hand-picked all 10 of the stocks featured in his latest exclusive report "The Top Ten Stocks of 2011." These stocks are not only poised to deliver above-average returns throughout the 2011 calendar year, but also in the years that follow.

How to Invest in Facebook Before it Goes Public
This may not be fair, but it's a clever way to beat the crowd on what could be the hottest IPO of 2011.

The Most Undervalued 12% Yield on the Planet
Demand for one of the most important technologies of the past decade has hit a temporary lull, making this stock -- and its juicy 12% yield -- dirt cheap. It's the perfect time to get in on the ground floor before business explodes again.

You Still Have Time to Get the Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2011 [advertisement]
Now available, our newest report "The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2011." Don't miss out on the most explosive, game-changing stocks on the planet -- stocks with the potential to deliver triple- and quadruple-digit gains. Get the new report emailed to you right now.

15 of The Hottest Tech Stocks in Asia
If history is any guide, then these booming Asian companies will crush their U.S. competition AGAIN in 2011.

Twelve Powerful People Control Your Destiny -- What Are They Trying to Tell You?
Only a handful of people truly have the ability to influence the U.S. economy. Warren Buffett may be able to move markets for a few days, but a group of about a dozen individuals has the power to chart our country's economic course for months, years, even decades.

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