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The Perfect Setup: A Win-Win Trade On A High-Yield Stock
By Amber Hestla | April 30, 2018 |
The worst-case scenario is that you earn 4.8% in two months rather than a full 9.0%.
Collect A Quick 4.3% In Income From A Post-Tax Season Trade
By Amber Hestla | April 24, 2018 |
This post-tax season bump sets us up for a low-risk, high-reward trade.
Another Shot At This 4-Time Winner -- If We Act Quickly
By Amber Hestla | April 16, 2018 |
Right now, we have an opportunity to grab an outsized amount of income relative to the very low amount of risk we're taking on.
The 'Witch Of Wall Street' Would Love This Trade
By Amber Hestla | April 06, 2018 |
There is much we can learn from Hetty Green -- and my most recent trade is an income opportunity I know she would love.
The 'Bonus' Dividends Most Investors Forget To Collect
By Amber Hestla | April 03, 2018 |
It's not unrealistic to see 20%-plus annual income from this deceptively simple strategy.
Seasonal Bullish Signals Point To This 8-Time Winner
By Amber Hestla | March 26, 2018 |
I'm making an easy 3.1% gain with this predictable, low-risk trade. Here's how you can, too.
This Low-Risk Income Trade Is Sitting Right Under Our Noses
By Amber Hestla | March 15, 2018 |
The selloff in this attractive tech stock sets up an easy cash gain for us.
This 3-Time Winner Could Deliver A 67% Return
By Amber Hestla | March 09, 2018 |
This tried-and-true trade has significant income potential -- and also carries comparatively little risk.
This Popular Trading Tool Is Giving Me A Quick 3.6% Payout
By Amber Hestla | March 05, 2018 |
With the recent volatility, I'm focusing on the short term, looking for strong technicals and fundamentals. This week, I found all of that.
Let's Go For 10 Winning Trades In A Row With This Stock
By Amber Hestla | February 20, 2018 |
During times like these, it's always valuable to go back and look at what's worked in the past.