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Bitcoin: The New Stock Market Indicator?
By Brian Maher | March 16, 2018 |
When money flees the most speculative assets, it is a sign of waning confidence… with later consequences for the stock market.
Where The S&P Will Be On March 31, 2018
By Brian Maher | October 12, 2017 |
Today we don the prophet's motley... snatch a glimpse of the future... and reveal exactly where the S&P will close on in six month's time.
'Hindenburg' Spotted Over Wall Street
By Brian Maher | August 22, 2017 |
Today could be one of the most important days for the stock market. Are stocks already in a correction?
100 Percent Chance Of Recession Within 7 Months?
By Brian Maher | June 23, 2017 |
Strong evidence indicates the U.S. economy may be one or two quarters away from recession...
Is The Fed Repeating 'The Mistake Of 1937'?
By Brian Maher | June 19, 2017 |
Last week's rate hike is the latest in a tightening cycle. But are they repeating a terrible, depression-era mistake?