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Uranium Is Finally Taking Off In 2017
By Byron King | April 13, 2017 |
Uranium has been beaten down for so long that many investors are skeptical of today’s rising prices. But we’re just at the beginning of a tightening in uranium supply.
This Event Could Be the First Sign That Silver Prices are Poised to Soar
By Byron King | February 15, 2013 |
Silver is currently trading at $31.50 per ounce give or take, but one event could mean that global shortages of this precious metal are on the horizon. Prices could spike, meaning that now may be the time to "buy" in at a bargain.
Why You Can't Ignore This Precious Metal
By Byron King | February 07, 2013 |
Anyone investing in precious metals will likely turn to gold and silver, maybe even platinum. But this ignored metal is offering investors a huge profit opportunity as its price climbs.
An Extraordinary Situation in Precious Metals
By Byron King | January 25, 2013 |
The last time I saw this setup in 2000, this precious metal skyrocketed. Here's what you need to know to take advantage.
This Mining Company Just Made A “Once In A Century” Discovery
By Byron King | September 11, 2012 |
This mining company just struck gold... and copper, in a quantity and purity that hasn’t been found in 100 years.
This Beaten Down Energy Sector Looks Set to Rally
By Byron King | August 22, 2012 |
In a matter of months, an agreement between the U.S. and Russia will end that could send demand in the sector soaring. And now’s your chance to invest while companies are selling at bargain prices.
Two Gold and Copper Stocks that Could Soar
By Byron King | June 21, 2012 |
In the beaten-down mining market, these two stocks look like great long-term plays. In fact, share prices could easily double or triple from current levels.
Why the Strategic Petroleum Sale Was a Disaster
By Byron King | July 07, 2011 |
“It’s highly important that you know the factors that surround this national debacle... there are plenty of implications for your future investments.”
Keep a Very Close Watch on This Unique Corner of the Commodities Markets
By Byron King | July 06, 2011 |
In short, early players stand to make a lot of money…
My Take on Gold and Oil Prices
By Byron King | June 30, 2011 |
In short, you want to hold your metal and keep a tight list of backlogged oil drillers.