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We Made 20 Percent On This Trade Last Time -- Let's Do It Again
By Jared Levy | August 03, 2017 |
Investor sympathy and a hot market could once again produce great results for savvy traders.
'Renter Nation' Could Give You An Easy 32 Percent Gain
By Jared Levy | August 01, 2017 |
The housing market is undergoing dramatic changes, and there are very few ways for the average American to capitalize on it. This is one of them.
I'm Betting On One Of The Few 'Cheap' Sectors Left
By Jared Levy | July 21, 2017 |
With my proven trading system, we can turn a small move in this industry into a 60% gain.
What's The Deal With Target?
By Jared Levy | June 30, 2017 |
A series of missteps has put the retail giant in major peril. Here's why I think now's a good time to bet against it...
Does The Market Have Another Ace Up Its Sleeve?
By Jared Levy | June 20, 2017 |
If present trends continue, or get even worse, it could mean a nasty loss for you and the other players.
A Safer Way To Make Huge Returns On Falling Stocks
By Jared Levy | June 07, 2017 |
When you short a stock, you risk an unlimited loss for a limited gain. But shorting with options can actually help limit your losses -- and amplify your gains.
Let's Repeat This Winning Trade For Another 46 Percent
By Jared Levy | May 23, 2017 |
The last two times we traded this defense stock, we made easy 31.3% and 22.2% gains.
Are You Ready To Make 35 Percent In 6 Days?
By Jared Levy | May 10, 2017 |
No one ever went broke taking a safe, 6% annual gain. But that doesn't mean they got rich that way.
OPEC's Lies Could Deliver Us A 31 Percent Profit By June
By Jared Levy | April 07, 2017 |
With oil between $45 and $55 (where it is expected to stay), the target for my most recent trade is set to reap serious profit rewards.
The Easiest Way I Know to Make Triple-Digit Profits
By Jared Levy | April 06, 2017 |
Learn how to amplify your gains without taking on outsized risks.