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New Solar Tariffs Could Earn Us An Easy 38 Percent Gain
By Jared Levy | February 06, 2018 |
This Israeli company is the Intel of solar power, with some of the highest margins in the industry. 
A Chance To Make 53 Percent From Euphoria And Confusion
By Jared Levy | January 29, 2018 |
I believe profits from "protective trades" are likely to grow exponentially over the next year, especially if there's a small correction. Here's how we'll profit from it all…
The 'Trump' Card No One Is Playing... Yet
By Jared Levy | January 19, 2018 |
While this might not be the sexiest topic, the chance to earn 33.3% off a 7.8% move certainly has my attention.
My Plan To Make 75.4 Percent From The Narcissism Epidemic
By Jared Levy | January 09, 2018 |
Record earnings growth means a 12% price jump for this company's stock -- and a much bigger gain for us.
My Plan For A 69 Percent Gain By March
By Jared Levy | December 28, 2017 |
This video game stock is about to hit an all-time high. But rather than make 13% like most investors, we'll make 69%. Here's how...
How I Plan To Make 33 Percent On The CVS Merger
By Jared Levy | December 13, 2017 |
Here's why this merger will happen -- and exactly how you can set yourself up to profit.
How I Plan To Make 25 Percent Betting Against Tesla
By Jared Levy | November 30, 2017 |
The investor darling could see a small dip in confidence in the months to come -- and that's all we need to take home a sizeable gain.
How You Can Make 10X The Return From Home Depot
By Jared Levy | November 16, 2017 |
With this simply strategy, you can rake in a full 48% while everyone else is stuck with only 5%.
A No-Brainer Trade For The Digital Payments Boom
By Jared Levy | November 09, 2017 |
Just as Facebook has woven into the fabric of society as a whole, this company is set to do the same... and not many see the real potential.
Make 30 Percent From This Overvalued Restaurant Stock
By Jared Levy | November 02, 2017 |
Our options expert has a plan to turn a small 8% move into a huge gain -- in just over two months.