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The Good News About Dividends That Will Surprise You
By Nathan Slaughter | March 07, 2019 |
The data tells us that stocks are expensive. But does that mean a major correction is imminent? Not necessarily...
This Energy Giant Is Still A 'Buy'
By Nathan Slaughter | March 04, 2019 |
After a blowout fourth quarter, the outlook for this energy giant has never looked better...
Big Oil Is Back. Now, Let's Get A Piece Of The Pie...
By Nathan Slaughter | February 27, 2019 |
Oil prices have rebounded, and producers are smarter (and more profitable) than ever. Here's my plan to profit from a record $425 billion in spending this year...
These 4 Stocks Could Hike Dividends In March
By Nathan Slaughter | February 21, 2019 |
Analysts Project Big Upside For These 9 Dividend Payers
By Nathan Slaughter | February 19, 2019 |
High-Yield Bonds Are Still A 'Buy'
By Nathan Slaughter | February 14, 2019 |
Despite a rough finish to 2018, the outlook for high-yield bonds is good. Here's a one-stop way to buy a basket of high-yielders that's worked well for my readers...
One Of My Favorite "Lifetime Wealth Generators"
By Nathan Slaughter | February 11, 2019 |
This is one of my favorite income stocks. And with a track record like this, it's easy to see why...
This High-Yield MLP Has Made An Impressive Comeback
By Nathan Slaughter | February 04, 2019 |
One of the largest energy MLPs is bringing in more cash than ever -- but shares are trading for half of what they were a few years ago. Here's why it's one of my top picks...
Biotech Megadeal: Is The Stock A 'Buy'?
By Nathan Slaughter | February 01, 2019 |
A $74 billion deal will create a biotech powerhouse. But is this a good deal? And is it worth owning today?
4 Stocks That Offer Amazing, Hidden 'Perks'
By Nathan Slaughter | January 31, 2019 |
Thanks to a great email from a loyal reader, we dug up some "hidden" perks that some companies offer to shareholders. Here are four of our favorites...