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I've Got My Eye On These 4 Double-Digit Yielders
By Nathan Slaughter | December 21, 2017 |
I'll take a steady 10% yield any day, but these still-growing payments are something else entirely.
4 Of The Market's Most Stable Double-Digit Yielders
By Nathan Slaughter | December 04, 2017 |
At a time when even a blue-chip name like GE is forced to cut its dividend, reliability should be your top concern. 
Don't Buy A High-Yielder Without Reading This First
By Nathan Slaughter | November 28, 2017 |
Today, I will reveal how I find reliable, healthy dividend-paying stocks and why they are essential to building long-term wealth.
This Stock's 7.4 Percent Yield Is Basically Set In Stone
By Nathan Slaughter | November 14, 2017 |
It's a frequently overlooked, but simple and very profitable, way to invest in public schools.
4 Wall Street-Approved Double-Digit Yielders
By Nathan Slaughter | October 31, 2017 |
These high-yield stocks have already been pre-screened (and approved) by top money managers.
4 Big Winners Yielding Over 10 Percent
By Nathan Slaughter | October 20, 2017 |
While yields this high usually mean a failing business, these income superstars are sitting on solid ground.
The High-Yield, Backdoor Way To Invest In Amazon
By Nathan Slaughter | October 09, 2017 |
The owners of these properties are quietly making a killing -- You can too if you invest in the right place.
3 Stocks With Yields Over 10 Percent
By Nathan Slaughter | October 02, 2017 |
In today's low-yield environment, stocks paying over 5% have become a rare breed -- and 10%-plus yielders are practically an endangered species. 
Your 3-Step Social Security Emergency Plan
By Nathan Slaughter | September 21, 2017 |
With the future of government assistance in question, you can't count on anyone but yourself to achieve a comfortable retirement. Here's how to get started.
The Best Investment Of The Decade...
By Nathan Slaughter | September 13, 2017 |
The tremendous shortage in uranium worldwide can only mean one thing... Prices are going to go up in a big way.