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My Plan To Get Paid From The Natural Gas Revolution
By Nathan Slaughter | June 04, 2018 |
Cheap natural gas from the United States will soon be exported around the world on a massive scale. Here's what's going on -- and how you can profit...
I Found 3 Double-Digit Yields In The Permian Basin
By Nathan Slaughter | May 30, 2018 |
Wall Street is betting big on one of these high-yield downstream energy stocks.
The 5 Traits Of Safe High-Yield Stocks
By Nathan Slaughter | May 21, 2018 |
Here are my five criteria to narrowing the investing universe to only the best dividend payers.
The New Normal For High Yields... And What You Can Do About It
By Nathan Slaughter | May 16, 2018 |
Instead of chasing high yields, I look at a dividend payer's long-term potential. Here's how to find the best high-yielders for the long-term. 
The Simplest Move To Reduce Your Tax Bill
By Nathan Slaughter | May 14, 2018 |
Imagine how much better retirement would be if you could withdraw money from your accounts without sending Washington a check.
4 Stocks That Could Be Tomorrow's High-Yielders
By Nathan Slaughter | May 08, 2018 |
If you're willing to trade a few points of yield today for superior dividend growth tomorrow, today's stock screen is for you.
Grab A Piece Of This Super-Steady Dividend Payer
By Nathan Slaughter | May 01, 2018 |
This stock's low price isn't going to last forever -- it's time to get in while the getting's good.
This Group Of Little-Known Income Machines Is On Sale
By Nathan Slaughter | April 11, 2018 |
The last time this happened, investors made 50%-plus gains...
The Case For High-Yield Bonds
By Nathan Slaughter | April 04, 2018 |
High-yield bonds are rallying, and the fundamentals haven't been this good in more than a decade. Here's my case for why you should be looking into this corner of the market for income.
This High-Yielder Keeps Appearing In My Screens
By Nathan Slaughter | April 02, 2018 |
Most companies with payouts in this range are only covering them by the skin of their teeth, but this one has a very comfortable margin.